Advertising Request Form

Here’s how you can support Global Presence Network and have your business or service mentioned on our online streaming broadcast. 


Currently we are averaging over 5,000 guest and members online per month.  


Fifty Announcements Package >> Fifty (:30 second) Announcements per month for three months 6AM - 8PM Monday - Saturday $900 per month  


Thirty Announcement Package >> Thirty five (:30 second) Announcements per month for three months 6AM - 8PM Monday - Saturday $700 per month  


Twenty Announcement Package >> Twenty (:30 second) Announcements per month for three months 6AM - 8PM Monday - Saturday $500 per month  


Ten Announcement Package >> Ten (:30 second) Announcements per month for three months 6AM - 8PM Monday - Saturday $350 per month   


➡ All packages receive free production of their copy 


➡Fixed position schedules are 25% additional  


How to get started >>


Sign Underwriting Request Form below, or contact us at  1-888-730-7573

We offer a variety of advertising options including; on-air, online and on location. Whatever your advertising needs are, chances are we can accomodate them. Visit our media kit for station statistics, demographics and pricing.


Commercial Spots

We offer 30 second and 60 second spot packages during any or all of our programming, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can choose to air your commercials during particular dayparts, specific shows, or spaced out equally during your campaign. Visit our media kit for commercial spot pricing.


Online Banner Ads

We offer standard leaderboard (90h x 728w pixels) and medium rectangle (250h x 300w pixels) ads, as well as sponsored flips (300h x 730w pixels) and custom sidebar ads (85h x 275w pixels). With leading visitor analytics, advertising on globalpresence.org is a great stand alone options or addition to your advertising campaign. Visit our media kit for online banner ad pricing.


Show Sponsorships

If your target audience aligns well with one or more of our programs, contact us to discuss how you can become the primary sponsor of a globalpresence.org show or block of time. Visit our media kit for show sponsorship pricing.


Live Streaming Remotes

We are regularly on-location providing live streaming remotes for businesses and events. If you would like to bring Global Presence Network to your business or event, please contact us and we will customize a remote package to meet your needs. Visit our media kit for remote package pricing.



Businesses, Churches and Service providers can support Global Presence Network and receive on online recognition.

Support of Global Presence Network is tax deductible.


Who Can Underwrite >>

Businesses, Churches, or organizations who want to support the Christian media ministry of Global Presence Network  by underwriting or sponsoring a portion of our program can receive

"online" and "events" acknowledgement of their support through an underwriting announcement.


What Underwriting DOES Include >>

➡ Name of Your Business

➡ Address

➡ Telephone Number

➡ Years in Business

➡ List of products and/or services your business provides


What Underwriting CAN'T Include >>

➡ No price can ever be given for tickets, merchandise or services.

➡ No call to action: come, go, see. You cannot invite people to a store.

➡ No superlative language: best, finest, only etc.


Sample of copy that meet's non-commercial criteria >>

* "The following programming is sponsored by ...., home of the..., located at....."

* "Funding provided by ..." "This hour of music was made available by The Univ. of ..., The Robert

Jones Singers will be appearing in concert at the Univ. of .... on Sat. night, April 15 at 8 pm.

Admission is $10. For reservations please call ...."

* "We appreciate the contributions of ....." "The sponsor of our program offers additional helps by

inviting you to attend ...."

* "The Little Theatre downtown is putting on a series of two act plays featuring the work of Mary Beth

Mather. For time and ticket info. please call ....."

* "Our local Coca Cola Bottling Company sponsors this hour of programming and is also the host of


Optional: One of our staff members can help your organization draft the script for sponsorship acknowledgement.