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Email marketing for Anchorage, Alaska

Small business owners who use email marketing tools such as Hubspot, MailChimp, Constant Touch, and other email marketing channels may not get the return rate they would expect.

How do we know they're even being treated as more and more emails enter our customers' inboxes? What is the indicator of success and best practices for small businesses in Anchorage, Alaska trying to drive more money out of their email campaign?

Begin with an Objective

When sending emails, it's crucial to understand what your primary purpose is. Many people are hung up on open prices, believing that to get more openings or clickbait, they need to concentrate on subject lines and push clicks in turn. However, most will point out that there is typically a disconnection between the subject line and the email text. People open an email but do not find the content they expect, so they instantly click or delete it. Even if the content is acceptable, if it's not the content they're looking for, most people don't give it a chance because the subject line is too ambiguous or deceptive.

Think of the target audience instead. What material is going to give your audience the most value? The best way to build effective email content and campaigns that will be beneficial to you and your consumers is to be empathic with your target audience's needs and concerns.

Using a simple subject line

Using a simple subject line that tells the reader precisely what is within the text, content that explains what advantage you have and produces an immediate emotion (curiosity, urgency, fear, etc.) is much better. It then offers an enticing call to action to drive to a landing page where the deal or content resides. For a higher click to open rate, this can mean sacrificing openings, but what is more important? Generating more opportunities where individuals exit without reading inside or driving clicks that contribute to conversions; or conversions are focused on by trained email marketers.

Using Direct Copy and an Action Call

Write a succinct email directly to your target audience and explain whatever the click's direct advantage is. It is a direct benefit to "Receive a 25 percent discount on your next purchase". An even more time-sensitive call to action is "Receive 25 percent off all socks - today only," As there is an immediate emotional advantage and you can also exploit interest, your reader should want to press. Letting your reader know that there is more critical content piques interest and pushes the client to your website, where you want them to go.

Got a clean list

This clean list includes targeting segments and taking the time to monitor those segments in practice. It would make a huge difference by adding these fields to your email marketing tool and keeping track of your e-commerce applications. Don't spam anyone on your list, thinking they're interested in every deal you have for every product. For instance, you can only submit the above offer of socks to a list of people who in the past have bought socks, looked at socks, or verified that they are interested in stockings.

Check A/B

Try it out first before you send out a massive email campaign. Take two ideas you assume would be successful and run it dry to groups of 50. To see which one performs better, look at the metrics, and you understand which subject line and call to action are your simple, conclusive winners.

Measure OR (Send/Open Ratio)

If you have a robust opt-in list of segmented individuals, your open/send ratio will ideally be high. What succeeds? This ratio relies on business and lobbying. Instead of searching for someone else's benchmark, start looking at where you are now and build a target using best practices to step it up by 5 percent.

On Your Call to Action, calculate CTOR (Click to Open Rate)

For email campaigns, any email marketing platform would have reporting included. However, not everyone would have the CTOR metric, so individuals may need to do a little calculation. On all positive links, look at the "click to open rate" if you have multiple calls to action or links.

Measuring Progress

When your CTOR is above your OR, performance should be measured. For the individuals who opened your email, this indicates a high percentage. If set up correctly, Google analytics will help calculate conversions on your website to get a better idea of the entire funnel. But it could be a little difficult for people just starting, and it would take time and effort to build. 

No marketing game should be implemented without evaluating success, including email marketing for your business in Anchorage, Alaska


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