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Best Customer Service Campaigns to Help Your Business

Five Best Customer Service Campaigns to Help Your Business

 Businesses, both large and small, can leverage customer service campaigns to engage new customers and retain existing ones. 

You’re probably wondering, “How can email marketing help my business?” According to Marketing Sherpa, 60% of customers prefer receiving regular updates and promotions from businesses via email amongst all forms of communication. No wonder many companies still use email marketing!

In fact, based on OptinMonster, email marketing has a projected return on investment (ROI) of up to 4400%, and that’s a massive number. So if you’re still skeptical about email marketing, here are the five best customer service campaigns you can use! 

The secret to effective customer service campaigns 

If you have already figured out if customer service campaigns are suitable for your business, then how do we know if our campaigns are working? The key is by providing value. 

You can be sure that your customer service campaigns are effective as long as it’s worthy. Learning how to engage email marketing campaigns isn’t just about using the same email templates at all times. It’s not a one-size-fits-all -- campaigns should be unique and personalized. Think about it this way: You’re more likely to engage in an email if it’s directly speaking to you. 

GPM tip: We recommend using an email marketing platform that makes it easy to create emails and send them to your customers. If you want to set up campaigns, we have proven and efficient strategies you can use!

Five best customer service campaigns to try 

  • Business updates 

The first campaign you should look into is business updates. Customers love to feel like they’re a part of something and one way to do this is by sending them updates about your business. It can be anything from new services, operating hours, or promos. 

Email campaigns for small business can also utilize business updates as part of their customer service campaigns. As a new face in the industry, you’d want people to be knowledgeable about what you have to offer. 

  • Promotions and freebies 

Another way to keep customers to retain your services is by sending out promotions and freebies. Who doesn’t want a freebie? 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re targeting existing customers or potential ones. A freebie or a discount will surely set you apart from competitors. You can implement a strategy to give out promotions and freebies every time there’s a special event or a holiday (or it can be even when you just feel like it!) 

  • Reminders

To keep personalization on customer service campaigns, use reminders to let the customers know that you’re checking after them. If your business uses an application, send a reminder that the last time they’re online is a few days ago.  

  • Email newsletters 

Email newsletters are recurring campaigns that are sent out to customers at a regularly scheduled time. You can send out newsletters weekly or once a month as long as you’re consistent with it! Creating email newsletters may be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be as long as possible. It can be a quick newsletter with business updates, promotions, and freebies. 

Email marketing for local business can utilize newsletters, too, especially when targeting nearby cities and towns. If you have a loyal audience that shares your mindset, they’ll appreciate a detailed story about your latest business updates. 

  • Success stories 

To effectively use campaigns, you need to be connected with your customers at an emotional level. People buy from other people if they see the relevance. This is an excellent opportunity to emphasize what makes your business unique, your customer service, and the services you want to be known for. 

Email marketing success stories should explain a particular customer’s challenges, describe your provided solution, and highlight the positive results. To make it even better, include before and after photos and personal reviews from the customers. 

How can customer service campaigns help your business grow? 

  • Save on printing expenses 

You can avoid printing costs by going digital. Working with a graphic designer and content writer to design customer service campaigns will also get your message much quicker! 

  • Increase brand awareness

The template design of your customer service campaigns should include your logo, tagline, color palette, and graphics to increase brand recognition. 

  • Engage with your customers 

Customer service campaigns help you maintain regular contact with your audience. This means that when your products and services are needed, your friends and family can refer you.

Need help in your customer service campaigns? 

There are countless advantages of customer service campaigns. Mainly because e-mail marketing is highly cost-effective but can produce outstanding results, you can build a brand and set yourself up as an expert without breaking your marketing budget in one go.

Best of all, it's not a time-consuming effort to create impressive and effective campaigns. No matter what your level of experience, your campaigns can be developed rapidly, meaning that you spend less time worrying about marketing data and more time working in your company to ensure that this is a success.

Do you need assistance in starting your customer service campaigns? Global Presence is here for you.  Schedule a consultation today!

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