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How Does Email Marketing Work?

How Does Email Marketing Work?

Email marketing is one of the most profitable forms of direct marketing, with a $42 average return on investment for every $1 invested (DMA, 2019). Before you start your first email campaign, it's best to learn how to do email marketing. You'll get better results and stop humiliating mishaps if you do it this way.

After the introduction of the Internet to the planet, email marketing has become an important tool for enterprises. Nevertheless, some campaigns that make it to our inboxes are complete garbage that we ignore. This article aims to clarify what email marketing is, why businesses should use it, and how they should do it. 

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the process of when you send a commercial email message to your 'email subscribers,' or people who have signed up for your emailing list and given you explicit permission to send them emails. Like a newsletter, email marketing is used to educate, drive sales, and create a community around your brand.

It is a form of direct marketing that involves sending commercial or fundraising messages to a target audience via email. Any email that has been sent to a future or current customer may be called as email marketing in the broadest sense.

Benefits of Email Marketing

  • It builds brand awareness. 

An email has the advantage of allowing you to contact others directly. It's the epitome of one-on-one contact. Plus, these days, people don't just let someone into their inbox. It's a carefully curated room where you can find your favorite brands and publications. Your brand will remain top of mind if it appears in someone's email inbox.

  • It lets your customers stay. 

At any point of the buyer process, including lead nurturing, conversion, onboarding, and retention, email fuels customer loyalty. As we mentioned in depth in our guide to building relationships through email, it's a powerful tool for building a community.

  • It reaches a lot of users. 

Email is open to people of all ages. It appeals to a wide variety of people, including those who aren't very tech-savvy. While we live in the modern age, not everyone is at ease with the internet. Most people, on the other hand, know how to check their addresses. As a result, it is the most popular form of marketing.

How does Email Marketing work? 

To send marketing emails, businesses use what's known as an Email Service Provider (ESP). A program that sends and manages email marketing campaigns is known as an Email Service Provider. 

Can't I just use my usual mailbox provider to send marketing emails? It is conceivable. Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and other Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are intended for personal use, not email bursts. As a result, when an ISP sends mass email, spam filters quickly detect it, and your account will be suspended for suspicious behavior.

ESPs, on the other hand, have the infrastructure in place to guarantee email deliverability, or the ability to get emails into inboxes. Get a dedicated email marketing service if you want to start succeeding with email marketing right away.

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