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The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Lead Generation

The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Lead Generation

There are several ways on how to generate leads. But the current booming trend is LinkedIn and you should not miss out on using this platform. LinkedIn guru, Jeff Bullas, said that one in every three professionals uses LinkedIn. Moreover, in the B2B market, 89% supported LinkedIn as the most sought-after tool. 

About 25 million LinkedIn profiles are viewed every single day. This number supports that you should add LinkedIn as your business’ lead generation channel. But the question is, how and where do you start? 

This article covers the ultimate guide in jumpstarting your LinkedIn lead generation. Dive into the platform’s advantages, features, and lead generation strategies. 

What is lead generation? 

A lead is any person interested in a business’s product or service. While lead generation is a systematic process of attracting these leads and converting their interest to add value to a certain business. 

The process is quite simple although consistency and determination are a must. Suppose a visitor discovers your business through websites, blog posts, or social media accounts. Then they click a call-to-action (CTA) element like an advertisement or a free ebook file. These elements should contain a template wherein their information could be input. Once they fill out their information, you already captured a lead! 

Why should you use LinkedIn for lead generation? 

As mentioned above, there are different strategies for lead generation. You have organic marketing through search engines, email marketing, or prominent social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. But why bother with LinkedIn? 

The answer is an easy one -- professionals flock to LinkedIn to level up their businesses. In layman’s terms, LinkedIn is like an industry wherein different niches in the business share insights, hire new employees, and seek out beneficial opportunities. 

How to build a network on LinkedIn? 

  • Set up your account beginning with the basics. 

Like any other personal account, your LinkedIn profile is a summarization of your work. Hence, you should optimize and make use of every feature to showcase your skills and capabilities. 

Begin with the basics. If you are a hiring manager, create two accounts. One for personal use and one for your business or employer. Having two online presence will stretch out possible doors. 

Set up a formal picture on your personal account and the business’ logo on the other. LinkedIn provides descriptions and headlines to the accounts too so be ready for a simple, short, and clear message that you want to send out across to your viewers. 

  • Publish relevant and valuable content. 

In order to attract users, you need to publish relevant and valuable content. Think of the posts you are about to make. Is it beneficial for your audience? What knowledge or tips will they pick up once you have clicked the post? 

Once you gained enough followers, the challenge is to make them stay. You can maintain their attention through engaging content. Engaging content can come in the form of daily status, articles, podcasts, webinars, blogs, and more. You can also opt to plan a content calendar and schedule the posts so that you would not be away from the spotlight. 

  • Be active. 

There are 700 million active users on LinkedIn currently and these numbers are your competitors. To stay on top of the game, you need to be active. Being active also creates brand awareness for your business with little to no cost of advertising at all. 

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