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KMR Construction
KMR Construction

February - March 2019

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About KMR Construction

KMR Construction has seen the growth of construction ever since it was founded in 1986. It is an established general contracting firm in South Florida whose skills have been proven through time. KMR Construction prides on its adaptation to innovative technologies whilst still utilizing foolproof traditional methods. 

KMR Construction provides commercial construction and residential services with the help of a professional team which skills suit each project. Until this day, KMR Construction implements a solid commitment to safe building, legal compliance, and transparency from the beginning until the end of construction.

The Problem

As one of the pioneers in the construction industry in South Florida, KMR Construction has completed thousands of projects which resulted in success. Regardless of this accomplishment, they understood the importance of having an online presence. Hence, they called Global Presence Marketing for help. 

Strategy, Goals, and Results

As a marketing development agency specializing in website development and design, we are the right people available to provide a remedy. Our strategy is focused on building an online presence for KMR Construction which started in website building. 

To get the word out and about in public, KMR Construction must be visible in search engines. To further generate leads, identify customer base, and turn strangers into customers, we also offered SEO services which consisted of keyword research, optimized blog, and SEO management tool. 

To summarize, we specifically envision our goals: 

  1. To build an online presence 

  2. To generate leads through SEO 

  3. To turn strangers into possible customers 

With a team of experts, the goals were successfully achieved. We have built a website for KMR Construction with additional website extension features for a better customer experience. The website was personalized according to KMR Construction’s preferences. It illustrated their history, identity, and services. We have also published blog articles that are optimized for better search engine visibility. 

The Final Results

With the fast-paced advancements in technology, there is a need to adapt to these innovations. Specifically in building an online presence, a marketing tool to grow as a company and earn more business relationships. The final results of Global Presence Marketing’s strategy plan resulted in a credible online presence and increased organic traffic. 

The latest progress report showed an increase in organic historical data with an average of 100 percent since June 2018. There were a total of 142 organic keywords with an estimated 121 monthly SEO clicks. Furthermore, it has generated leads which resulted in more projects and business opportunities for KMR Construction. 

Thus, Global Presence Marketing fulfilled its marketing objectives with KMR Construction. We recommend continuous website development and design maintenance to drive return on investment (ROI) and open the door of business opportunities. 

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