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Logos Insurance Services Inc
Logos Insurance Services Inc

February - March 2019

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About Logos Insure

Logos Insurance Services is an insurance brokerage firm that offers all-inclusive and full services of insurance products. They are based in southern California and have been one of the fastest-growing commercial insurance companies. 

Logos Insurance Services have a variety of experts ready to assist you with their commercial insurance products. This includes underwriters, insurance carriers, and seasoned agents all over the country. Be protected and seek the right insurance coverage with Logos Insure Services.

The Problem

Being insured benefits anyone looking to protect himself, his family, his property, or his business. Hence, insurance products are considered to be an essential item. 

Despite the benefits of insurances, most businesses do not have them. According to Insureon, 75% of US businesses lack insurance, and about 40% of small business owners do not have coverage at all. 

There is no law or rule about not having insurance, but there are risks. Logos Insurance Services wants to address this problem and teamed up with Global Presence Marketing to alleviate the numbers.

Strategy, Goals, and Results

The goal is to make insurance accessible and convenient for businesses. It covers crafting the right coverage package, answering all inquiries, and providing the highest level of customer service to customers. Logos Insurance Services also want their customers and potential clients to know the basics about insurance. 

Global Presence Marketing formulated a strategy that will achieve those list and we came up with: 

  • Building an online presence 
  • Website design and development 
  • Social media marketing
  • Ad campaigns 
  • Business card creation and printing
  • Podcast management 

An insurance company needs to be looked up online, so we started with building an online presence. 

Our team of professionals has created and designed a website for Logos Insurance Services displaying all their information. We also created social media accounts on prominent platforms with existing and ongoing projects like social media postings, ad campaigns, and blog pages. You will also find Logos Insurance Services’ podcast as they talk about their business. 

Besides digital marketing, we also created business card templates for printing and distributing. Now, the word gets to spread out, and more people can be protected and insured. 

The Final Results

Before proceeding with the website creation, we had to have a logo for Logos Insurance Services first. With their initiative, they sketched the logo design they have in mind. Our skilled graphic designer turned it into a digitalized art. The logo you can see on their website is the outcome. 

Logos Insurance Services can now better accommodate their clients and potential customers with a personalized website design. It is equipped with its insurance products, industries, testimonials, and contact information. Under their About Us page, you can find the Blog page, which is part of our SEO management system. The Blog page consists of topics that usual people ask.

Logos Insurance Services is now searchable on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with daily social media posts and descriptions. Alongside, we regularly raise campaigns through Facebook and Google to have a wider reach. And since podcast is the talk-of-the-town, we also created Logos Insurance Talks. You can now sit back and listen to your new podcast show! 

To summarize, Global Presence Marketing fulfilled all marketing goals of Logos Insurance Services. 

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