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When it comes to comprehending and effectively reaching your target audience, market research and strategy go hand in hand. The relevant market research can provide insightful information that can inform your marketing strategies and help you make more informed business decisions.

How should one conduct market research and formulate a sound marketing strategy? 

Here are some considerations:

Define your research objectives: Before beginning data collection, it is essential to have a clear understanding of what you wish to learn. Clearly defined research objectives will aid in directing your efforts and ensuring that you collect the appropriate data.

Choose the appropriate research method: There are numerous ways to collect market research, such as surveys, focus groups, and online analytics. It is essential to choose the appropriate method based on your research objectives and available resources.

Analyze the data: Once you have collected your data, you must carefully analyze it to identify trends, patterns, and insights that will inform your marketing strategy. This may necessitate using tools such as spreadsheets or specialized market research software.

Create a marketing strategy: Armed with the results of your research, you can now create a marketing strategy that is tailored to your target audience and informed by the findings of your research. This may involve identifying target markets, developing messaging and branding, and developing a strategy for reaching your audience via multiple channels.

As with any business strategy, it is essential to test and iterate your marketing efforts to ensure their effectiveness. This could involve conducting small-scale tests, collecting customer feedback, and making necessary adjustments.

Following these steps, you can conduct market research and develop an informed, targeted, and effective marketing strategy.

As part of our Market Research & Strategy Services, Global Presence aims to provide you with specific market intelligence, business dynamics, competitor tactics, and marketplace developments, among other items, thereby helping you devise effective marketing plans, make informed decisions, and attract your potential customer far and wide.

Global Presence Marketing Research Products Overview:

We profile and identify customers, evaluate the marketing strategies of rivals, forecast industry developments, and conduct benchmarking. Our market analysis experts obtain hard-to-find information from primary and secondary sources, such as social media sites, industry directories, forums, internet portals, blogs, etc. We provide helpful business perspectives and predictions, fostering decision-making processes and leading to effective marketing strategies.

Our wide-ranging market research services include:

  • Questionnaire / Enquiry style
  • Survey Programme
  • Telephone interviews
  • Website and email surveys
  • Analysis and coding
  • Verbatim encoding
  • Visualization, reporting

GPM Data lets companies perform varied forms of market research-critical surveys:

Market profiling and segmentation: To execute targeted marketing campaigns, our experts identify and segment the consumers by geographical, demographic, psychographic, and social-cultural factors.

Business Overview Survey: We assess your market size and share, detail market growth, and competitive positioning to help you develop successful marketing strategies.

New Product Design Research Survey: We will help you perform your initial screening in front of the target market if you're about to launch a new product. We include information about product acceptability, probability of purchase, likes, dislikes, etc.

Customer Purchasing Process / Tracking Survey: As part of market research services, we help you monitor every customer touch-point and the customer's process to make a purchase. This involves measures such as Consumer Awareness, Information, Intention to Buy, Trial, Purchase, and Repurchase.

Consumer Attitudes and Expectations Survey: If you seek advice from market research firms to enhance your promotions further and raise conversion rates, we can expand the support you need by conducting surveys to evaluate customer attitudes and expectations.

Customer Intention and Purchase Research Survey: Our experts build full questionnaires to help you understand the desire and motivation of consumers to buy your goods.

Customer Confidence, Loyalty, and Retention Analysis Survey: Our experts help you analyze customer attitudes towards your business, product, and services with market research services.

Customer Preferences and Uses Survey: This survey involves understanding where, when, and how the target audience uses the product.

Product Fulfillment Surveys: Our marketing analysis experts determine whether the product meets all the advertised qualities and benefits (tangible and intangible).

Competitive Product and Market Positioning Survey: When you outsource market research services to us, we find out how the market views you compared to your rivals. This also involves contrasting product characteristics and benefits.

Brand Equity Survey: As part of market research services, our analysts determine the brand's psychological worth in the marketplace.

Advertising Value Recognition and Means-end Analysis Survey: We have marked a distinguished reputation among marketing research firms and help you map the advertisement's hierarchical characteristics, values, and benefits. This involves evaluating the overall goal and deciding how best to accomplish it.

Advertising Media and Message Effectiveness Survey: Our market research experts assess the perceptions and productivity that convince consumers to buy their product/service.

Customer Service Survey: Taking our in-depth experience to the table, we analyze the method of accessing the services and participants involved.

Sales Force Effectiveness Survey: Our experts will help you analyze the sales and performance practices, thus helping you produce measurable impact.

Sales Lead Generation Survey: GPM Data helps you with timely follow-up, and sales lead usage. We also help save your precious sales force time and efficiently track leads.

Customer Service Representative (CSR) Survey: Minimize costs and improve customer relationships through the attitude of Customer Service Representatives to their job-related tasks, such as:

  • Time allotment
  • Customer-friendly solutions
  • Job changes
  • Implemented activities
  • Performance of internal departments supporting customers

Sales forecasting and market tracking survey: By leveraging our expert's deep expertise in sales and market tracking surveys, you can get relevant market forecasts of customer desires, self-reported buying intentions, and judgmental bootstrapping rules to explain the possible use of available secondary market information.

Price Setting Survey and Demand Analysis Elasticity: Provide our market research services to get industry estimates of demand elasticity, optimum price points, and various product-service segments or use situations.

Through our wide range of marketing research services, we discuss several industries, such as financial, medical, insurance, legal, automobile, real estate, non-profit, IT, media, telecommunications, etc.

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