RDS Team website transformation

A Facelift Worth Millions: The RDS Team’s Website Transformation

In an increasingly digital world, a robust and versatile web presence is no longer just an asset; it's a necessity. Recognizing this, RDS Team, a company specializing in workspace and IT solutions, partnered with us at Global Presence Marketing for a complete website overhaul that went beyond just the aesthetics. Four years ago, when RDS Team first became our client, they were grossing $4 million. Fast forward to today, and they're now boasting earnings of over $8 million and eyeing even further expansion. So, how did we contribute to their journey? Read on.


The goal was to give RDS Team not just a 'new look' but to significantly improve user experience, functionality, and add a fresh range of services as part of their rebranding—from being a copier and printer leasing company to now an IT services provider. As a part of this, we integrated content from their brand partners such as Docuware to manage IT services, hosted cloud, and managed security, thereby offering an end-to-end workspace and IT solutions platform.


The Team

Our dynamic duo, a Website Designer and an SEO Content Specialist, spearheaded the project. Their work was pivotal in successfully transforming RDS Team's online platform into what it is today.

Creative Work - Website Designer

Our Website Designer focused on delivering a sleek, modern design that encapsulates the essence of RDS Team's new brand identity. The design is not just eye-catching but highly functional, allowing for an intuitive user experience. We believe that good design is invisible; users should not struggle to navigate through the site or to find essential information.

Technical Work - SEO Content Specialist

On the content front, our SEO Content Specialist worked on enhancing the site’s textual material. This included fine-tuning the existing content and adding new, high-quality content enriched with targeted keywords. The end result? Improved search engine rankings and a more informative experience for visitors.

Additional RDS Team Services and Integration

One of the project's highlights was the addition of new services and integration of Docuware content for managing IT services, hosted cloud, and managed security. These additions now allow RDS Team to offer a comprehensive set of workspace solutions, from hardware to software and security, all under one roof.


Client Satisfaction

Our end-goal was to make sure that RDS Team was not just satisfied but delighted with the new website. Gustavo Hermida, the company’s CEO, has confirmed that they are thrilled with both the new look and functionality. They believe that this change significantly contributes to the overall trust that companies place in them as a leading IT solutions provider.

The Bottom Line

RDS Team's gross earnings have doubled since they became our client, and while we can't claim full credit for their success, we do believe that our work has contributed to building a stronger brand presence. The revamped website is now more than just a digital 'business card'; it's a powerful tool that allows them to engage with their audience more effectively than ever before.

As they look to further expansion, RDS Team can count on their newly optimized digital platform to be a cornerstone of their growth strategy. At Global Presence Marketing, we're proud to have played a part in their journey and look forward to contributing more in the years to come.