John Goshgarian Law

Amplifying John Goshgarian Law's Digital Footprint in South Florida's Competitive Landscape

In the highly saturated and complex South Florida market, law firms often face significant challenges when it comes to establishing a dominant online presence. Yet, when John Goshgarian Law sought to invigorate their digital marketing efforts, they turned to Global Presence Marketing. The results? A compelling online presence that drives substantial traffic and distinguishes John Goshgarian Law amidst the crowded legal landscape.

The Challenge

For John Goshgarian Law, breaking through the noise in the South Florida legal scene was crucial. The region's competitiveness means that even the most qualified lawyers can be overshadowed by larger firms with more aggressive marketing budgets.

The Solution

Enter Global Presence Marketing. Drawing on our extensive expertise in search engine optimization (SEO), we embarked on a comprehensive strategy tailored to the nuances of South Florida's market. Two notable components of this strategy were the integration of RSS feeds and a focused effort to cater to the communities John Goshgarian Law serves.

RSS Feeds: We understood that consistent and relevant content could be the linchpin for sustained online visibility. To that end, RSS feeds were integrated to ensure that fresh, pertinent content was regularly funneled to John Goshgarian Law's website. This not only improved their website's search ranking but also provided potential clients with a dynamic and up-to-date source of legal insights.

Community-Centric Approach: Recognizing that effective marketing isn't about broad strokes but rather understanding and serving niche communities, we honed in on the specific locales and communities that John Goshgarian Lawserves. Through tailored content, localized keywords, and geo-targeted campaigns, John Goshgarian Law began to resonate more deeply with local clients, leading to increased online engagement.

The Outcome

Today, John Goshgarian Law stands tall in the complex South Florida market. The firm has witnessed a marked uptick in online traffic, validating the efficacy of Global Presence Marketing's bespoke strategies.


July 2023 performance as reported by Google


Keyword Ranking

One of the most significant indicators of our campaign's success has been John Goshgarian Law's impressive ranking for several targeted keywords. Through rigorous research, careful selection, and strategic implementation, we were able to catapult John Goshgarian Law to the top of search results.


A prime example of this triumph is the keyword "Davie Unfair Practice Disputes." Not only did John Goshgarian Law rank for this keyword, but they clinched the very top position on Google’s search results—a monumental achievement given the competitiveness of the South Florida market. This prime placement directly translates into heightened visibility, increased trust, and potential client inflow for the firm.

John Goshgarian Law ranking first for Davie Unfair Practice Disputes keyword


The true testament, however, lies in the numbers and the narratives. Not only are more potential clients visiting John Goshgarian Law's online platforms, but they are also engaging more—asking questions, seeking consultations, and availing legal services.

In Conclusion

SEO isn't just about climbing search engine rankings; it's about connecting with audiences in meaningful ways. For John Goshgarian Law, Global Presence Marketing's nuanced, community-centric approach has translated into real-world success, solidifying its position in South Florida's competitive legal market.

Here's to many more success stories as we continue to empower businesses with strategies that resonate, engage, and convert!