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Sunlight Home
Sunlight Home

February - March 2019

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Social Media Marketing

About Sunlight Home

Sunlight Home is the birth of Greg Ohanjanyan’s love for building and beautifying places. He entered the construction industry over ten years ago with the assistance of his wife, Amy Ohanjanyan. A once dream is now a stead-fast construction company. 

Sunlight Home Construction swears by social, environmental, and progressive home improvements. They offer heating and air conditioning, insulation, patio covers, solar panels, and more! All of these services are used with the best products available. 

Alongside a team of experienced and skilled professionals, Sunlight Home Construction provides excellence in construction from planning, building up to inspection. 

The Problem

To help more families create their dream space, Sunlight Home Construction teamed up with Global Presence Marketing for the best marketing strategies. One of these strategies is by having their website domain with added extensions. 

Strategy, Goals, and Results

Sunlight Home Construction’s mission is to address the construction needs of its clients with the best value for money. Of course, priority on achieving design and finishes based on the client’s preferences is a must. 

As pioneers in the digital marketing industry, their business is our business too. Hence, our recommendation is to do the following: 

  1. Build and create a website with own domain names 
  2. Reach targeted audience via social media management 
  3. Increase organic traffic 

We generously emphasize the need own domain name when it comes to websites. This makes a business well-established and trusted by strangers, potential customers, and clients. It is also at these individuals' convenience to easily look up Sunlight Home’s services and book an appointment.

There is also an increase in social media users, especially during this pandemic. So we took advantage of the prominence of social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to create graphic designs and schedule postings on their platforms. Now, Sunlight Home Construction has its own identity on the face of the internet. 

Both website building and design and social media management boost organic traffic. Since February 2021, Sunlight Home Construction has earned 100% organic historical data. For six months, they have 22 organic keywords which topped their organic competitors. 

The Final Results

Our marketing strategy for Sunlight Home Construction was a successful project. They have their website and identity on social media. Now, there will be more people whom they can help have a beautiful home. 

Global Presence Marketing has provided the proper remedy for their needs. 

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