Starting at $1000 $700/month

TikTok Leads

Drive More Revenue

Drive More Revenue

Monitoring In Real Time

Monitoring In Real Time

Data-driven TikTok Targeting

Data-driven TikTok Targeting

Available for all Budgets

Available for all Budgets

To achieve e-commerce success, we deliver performance-driven solutions.

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Build targeted and qualified lists of your ideal prospects on TikTok
Write clear and personal cold outreach messages that actually get responses
Send hundreds of industry specific messages to your  prospects every month
You're instantly notified when leads respond for you to set up web appointments and close the deal

Choose your TikTok Ad option, 100 percent done-for-you


TopView ads

TopView advertisements fill the entire frame, much like brand takeovers. The distinction is that these advertisements can last up to 60 seconds and play on a delayed basis, meaning they don't begin playing when the app is launched.

Branded effects

Custom stickers, AR filters, and lenses are examples of branded effects that users can apply to their own videos. They're close to the AR Filters on Instagram. For ten days, each fresh branded effect is available.


Branded hashtag challenge

A brand asks TikTok users to record themselves performing something, such as a choreographed dance, and then upload it with a particular hashtag in a branded hashtag contest.

These advertisements are near the top of the Discovery tab, and clicking on the hashtag leads to a list of TikToks from the very same challenge.

Brand takeover

Brand takeovers are full-screen, three- to five-second video advertisements that appear as soon as the app is released. The commercial will also appear in the For You display. You may also have a clickable hashtag or a link to a website.



In-feed video ads
Short-form videos appear in users' news feeds on the For You page as in-feed advertising. They have a similar appearance to native TikToks, so they fit in naturally. They are currently the only ad choice available to customers who use self-service ads.

We'll guide you through making an in-feed video ad because it's the only one that can be achieved entirely through self-service.


  • Choose From One Social Media Platform

  • Analytics/Pixels - Setup and connecting platform tracking pixel or equivalent. As well as Google Analytics. Event & advanced conversion tracking setup.

  • Bid management of ad sets, ads (including negative keywords), schedules, device, locations.

  • Ad Audiences and Placements-Testing the best applicable ad audience combinations, and ad placements.

  • Multiple Campaigns - Each ad group includes up to 2 ads tested and the one with the best ROI gets used.

  • Remarketing to web page visitors or email lists.

  • Call Tracking - This includes your own Call tracking number for Ad Call Extensions

  • Landing Page Creation - Creating a landing page using a duplicate service page from your existing website, we make sure your CTAs, forms, and phone numbers are active and visible.

  • CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) - We make sure your page functions correctly (forms submit info), calls go to the right number, etc.

  • Your Minimum Ad Spend $1,000 (Separate from SM Management).
  • 8 Ad Creative Offerings.

  • Setup Fees - $1400.

  • Dedicated Ads Manager.

  • Unlimited Email Support.

  • Licensed and Original Audio, Images & Video.

  • Minimum 3 Month Agreement, Auto Renews.

  • Monthly Performance Report.

  • Approve Posts.

  • Custom Graphics.

  • Video Formatted For SM.

  • Weekly Strategy Call (30 Minutes).

  • 20 Hours Labor Monthly.

  • Refund Policy Applies

  • 5+ Years Experience.

  • Platform Certifications.

  • $1k Software Tools.

  • Marketing and Tech Team Support.

10X Your revenue, efficiency and performance at TikTok

To take advantage of our existing promotion, arrange a free consultation.

Prospect List Building

A/B Tested Copywriting

Automated Outreach

Data-driven Strategy

Activate Interactivity

Tap into unique engagement solutions and immersive formats to creatively and authentically connect with audiences around the world.

Real-Time Marketing

Engage with users who are

at the forefront of the latest

trends and movements.

Relevant Marketing

See indicators of how our culture

is moving and associate the relevancy

of your services with human need. 

Visual Marketing

Avoid communicating your message by text

to a culture that loves visuals and sounds.

TikTok allows us to communicate colorfully.