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Track Solution Shipping
Track Solution Shipping

February - March 2019

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Website Design & Development 
SEO Management Tools 
Website Extensions 
Social Media Marketing

About Track Solution Shipping

Track Solution Shipping is a cargo and freight company aiming to provide smooth and seamless shipping solutions for people and their valued belongings. Through their innovative workflow system, everything is ensured safe on board. 

They have always envisioned creating a fast, efficient, and innovative shipping experience in the logistics industry. Today, they made the dream into reality. Track Solution Shipping breaks distances and connects people. 

The Problem

To achieve their mission of breaking distances and bridging the gap between borders, they first must be known. Not just through word of mouth in their area but also worldwide. This is where Global Presence Marketing came to help.

Strategy, Goals, and Results

Our strategy to spread the word of Track Solution Shipping is by starting with building their own website. The logistics industry is one of the fast-paced industries globally, and if you are slow, you will surely get left behind. Hence, our team at Global Presence Marketing did not waste time and started beating around the bush.

These are our specific goals for Track Solution Shipping:

  1. Website creation with added extensions
  2. SEO management through blogs
  3. Integration of steps to easily send and receive packages 
  4. Increase organic traffic 

With a pool of professionals, we built a website for Track Solution Shipping displaying their identity, services, rates, and contact information. Inclusive in our SEO package is keyword-focused blogs that can be found on the website's blog page. It is also easier to send and receive packages and schedule pick up with the steps page since customers are guided with the process.

The Final Results

With the rapid improvements in technology, it is necessary to develop an online presence as a marketing tool to be known not just in a specific geographical area but worldwide. The strategic plan developed by Global Presence Marketing resulted in a respectable online presence and enhanced organic traffic.

With Track Solution Shipping, Global Presence Marketing was able to achieve its marketing goals. To maximize return on investment (ROI) and expand company opportunities, we advocate ongoing website development and design upkeep.

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