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Website Design for Provo, Utah : Things You Need To Know

There are about 5.6 billion Google searches that happen every day in just Google alone. To estimate, it is about 228 million per hour. Imagine if we were to combine other search engines too. When a person searches for something online, it usually directs to a website. 

These beautifully-made websites are the creations of web developers and web designers. Usually, people in Provo, Utah tend to interchange these terms but they are actually different professions. In this blog, we will cover the following: 

  • What is a website design? 
  • Job roles of web designers 
  • Why do startups need to have a website? 

Web design 

On the other hand, web design refers to the actual design of the website. It focuses more on the user’s experience rather than the development side. Web design covers all website designs on different platforms. In 2010, web designers usually covers only computers and laptops but today, almost every digital device is inclusive like phones and tablets. 

To further understand web design, these designers are behind every concept of what you see on a website. Such concepts include the layout, appearance, colors, fonts, and images used. They also consider the simplicity of the websites they create as the objective is to attract an audience so complexity is avoided. 

The usual method for designing websites are called responsive and adaptive designs. These two designs work on both desktop and mobile platforms. A responsive design for Provo, Utah Citizens adapts depending on the screen size of the user. While for adaptive designs, the content is fixed and matches common screen sizes. 

What does a web designer do? 

Web designers are underrated since people tend to perceive their tasks as easy. But to be frank, they are the people behind the user experience in every website existing on search engines. From providing fast and seamless website encounters to bring a welcoming vibe, and to administering the best content, these are all the works of web designers. 

Below are some of the job responsibilities of a web designer: 

  • Formulate a plan, design, and develop the layout plans using the best possible software like Adobe Photoshop 
  • Apply expertise in graphic designing 
  • Use a simple approach when making the general appearance of the website 
  • Employ latest design trends 

Why do startups need to have a website? 

Startups are businesses that have recently entered the market. Therefore, they are still new to the field. No one knows them or what they do. With thousands of competitors, a business may find it hard to build credibility and gain potential customers’ trust. But thanks to technology, establishing a brand is a walk in the park when used the right and efficient way. 

One of the foolproof strategies is to build an online presence through the latest technologies and one of these is by having a website. Besides building an identity online, a well-curated website may attract an audience and transform it into potential customers. Overall, a website will boost a business’ client base. 

By hiring a web developer, you are assured that your website will provide the best user experience, look appealing, and drive your sales growth. 

Benefits of having a website

  • Improve brand awareness and visibility 

Building an online presence using a website is key in improving brand awareness and visibility. Especially if the website has well-curated content. This will drive up the website to appear in search engine’s topmost result. 

Customers will most likely click the first page that they see and this act alone drives traffic up. In this category, businesses are one step ahead of their competitors. So, websites are essential and a foolproof way to reach business goals. 

  • Generate more leads

As mentioned above, having a website increases a brand’s visibility to potential customers. But having a website does not entirely mean securing clients as soon as you develop it. You need to work your way up. 

Generating leads can be done using SEO. SEO is the process of improving a website’s content and user experience. The objectives are to ensure that the content is high-quality, plagiarism-free, and captures the attention of the target audience. Besides that, the website must also free of viruses and malware, secured, and fast to respond. 

  • Build credibility  

The more visible your business is to the public, the increase in credibility that you build online. Being an established brand attracts customers and repeated buyers to trust what you offer, may it be a product or service. 

  • Increase more sales 

Having been an established and successful business, this will result to an increase in sales. Soon enough you will see the ROI or return on investment for the marketing strategies you invested in. There is no definite timeframe on when to expect the payback but with efficiency, expect it to be soon enough. 

Why you should consider Global Presence

At Global Presence, we do not just offer pre-made templates. We plan, build, and design whatever you can think of. In simpler terms, we transform your dreams into reality. 

Our websites are also suitable for all types of mobile devices. They are well-responsive, syncing in real-time, and goes with the compliance of ADA and HIPPA. You should not worry about the consistency and maintenance of these websites as GPM offers both full service and semi-serviced support on monthly retainers. Run your business with peace of mind!

Some of the websites created by GPM are intended for business, medical, landing pages, news, conferences, hair services, law, finance, eCommerce, and more!

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