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Are SEO companies worth it for Madison, Wisconsin Citizen?

According to Hubspot, about 75% of searches done on search engine platforms click on the first top result rather than the next websites. This implies that businesses ranking the first are most likely to increase their traffic and drive their sales up. If you have a website of your own, you would want a similar thing. But how is this possible? The SEO is behind this success. 

As a marketing agency, the direct answer would be yes -- SEO companies, like us, are worth the investment. Why? Because we work in a way that leads to results. How? By generating traffic in Madison, Wisconsin. And if you do not know, SEO is a technical process. Your website would not land the top results just overnight. It is a gradual process that is maintained and worked consistently. 

What is an SEO company?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the quality of a website, mainly its content, to increase traffic. Usually, SEO employs organic searching or targeting keywords based on the most relevant searches made by a target audience. If the right SEO tactics are utilized, it can change the rankings of the website bringing it up. 

An SEO company is a group of skilled professionals and marketers with sufficient experience and knowledge in the SEO field. They partner with big businesses and brands with the objective of building an online presence, increasing visibility, and generating traffic. 

Benefits of partnering with SEO companies 

You already have an idea of SEO companies, what they do, and how they can be helpful to your business. If you are looking to partner with an SEO services provider or an SEO company, here are some of the benefits explained thoroughly.

It saves you time and energy. 

Assuming you are the head of the business, partnering with an SEO company will save you time and energy rather than consuming your time studying and learning digital marketing. As mentioned, digital marketing, a part of SEO, is a technical and complex process. You may be overwhelmed with the amount of information you are about to receive. With an SEO company beside you, spend time running and assisting all departments. 

  • You get to have a team of marketing professionals. 

There are different types and areas of SEO. Without an SEO company, you will need to grasp all this information. But with an SEO company, you will have a team of marketing professionals from a staff of generating leads, curating content, and driving marketing growth up. 

  • You automatically gain a marketing consultant. 

In a business setting, it is essential to ask for an outside perspective. This is an important part as you gain insights outside of your biased circle and you may use these opinions to improve for the better. With an SEO company, you automatically gain a marketing expert that you can consult your business plans. 

  • Achieve long-term results. 

As long as SEO is consistently implemented and practiced in Madison, Wisconsin, rest assured that your business will achieve long-term success in the future. It may not be a quick return on investment (ROI) but you can feel its benefits when booking with a client or having repeated customers. 

What are services offered by SEO companies? 

As mentioned above, there are different types and areas of SEO. It can be an SEO for e-commerce or a local search. Regardless, every company operates differently. With that being said, they also have similarities in the field. 

  • Target market analysis 

Before following any SEO practice, the initial step of SEO companies is to assess your business’ situation. This is key to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your businesses. Such questions will be raised: 

  • What is the status of your business’ website?
  • What do your competitors have that your business does not? 
  • Who is your target market?
  • What keywords do your target market often use?


  • On-page SEO 

 On-page SEO focuses more on the content of your website. It should have the best content and follows SEO marketing tactics. 

  • Does the title of the content follow a certain keyword? 
  • Is the content simple, short, and clear? 
  • Is it free of jargon and complex words?
  • Is it optimized for the target audience? 


  • Off-page SEO 

 The opposite of on-page SEO is the off-page SEO which is more on the user experience and overall perspective on the website. 

  • Do you employ link building on your website?
  • How fast is the speed of your website?
  • Is your website secure and safe? 
  • Is it free of viruses and malware?


  • On-page SEO 

Of course, SEO companies are required to submit SEO reports inclusive of the status of the business, how SEO improved its traffic and the overall effectiveness of SEO. 

  • Discuss how often should your office receive an SEO report
  • What is inclusive in the SEO report?
  • What are the business goals achieved?

Are SEO companies worth it?

SEO is a marketing tool that continues to grow. In fact, ever since the hit of search engine platforms, the SEO industry grew and has been growing ever since. SEO companies are worth it only if it drives great results -- which they often do. It is also crucial to find the fit SEO services provider for your business. 

Some of the factors that you should consider when choosing an SEO service provider are the following: 

  • Proven track record

Look for companies or agencies with a strong track record. How long are they in the SEO industry? How many companies have they partnered with before? What were the results they were able to accomplish? 

  • Reviews and testimonials

Consider their past clients and people they exchanged business with. Are these people happy? What are their thoughts about this company? Are they satisfied with the service? 

  • Same vision as your business 

Relationships are important when it comes to partnerships. Look for a company that shares the same vision as you do. These similarities can be applied when formulating a plan and building a strategy. 

Global Presence Marketing offers SEO services mainly with the GEO SEO package. You can also choose among local search strategy, social media marketing, or link building and content. The price ranges per SEO plan. The current plans available are SEO standard, SEO premium, and SEO platinum with no contract bound. You have all the freedom. 

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