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Mining Hardware Advertising Made Possible with Global Presence

Mining Hardware Advertising Made Possible with Global Presence

The cryptocurrency mining hardware has grown over the years, including bans and restrictions on cryptocurrency advertising. Global Presence makes it easy to connect your brand to the right audiences despite the challenge. Learn how to run mining hardware ads today. 

In 2018, most cryptocurrency and mining hardware advertising was allowed. However, come March the same year, big tech giants Google, Facebook, and Twitter changed the game by banning crypto ads. Facebook labeled cryptocurrency advertising as misleading because most of it was fraudulent. Six months later, Facebook and Google put an ease on their advertising restrictions by allowing cryptocurrency advertising in US and Japan. Google was kind of late, as they loosened up their advertising policies in 2021 for cryptocurrency advertising. 

Thanks to Tesla and Square, which have bought millions of Bitcoins this year, advertising platforms are re-assessing whether their cryptocurrency advertising policies were worth it. Although restrictions are currently on the loose, there are still some policies that advertisers should follow. 

If you were to advertise on Facebook, you need to abide by their eligibility requirements. Once you’re eligible, you need to fill up an application form and wait for Facebook’s signal. This is to ensure legitimate and safe advertising on cryptocurrency and mining hardware. 

These eligibility policies change over time and we know you don’t want to go through that hassle. So we made it easier for you and your brand by doing all the work from content creation, advertising to finally running ads. Here’s how we do it: 

Market your mining hardware ads to the right audiences 

Global Presence makes the impossible possible. Our goal is to connect your brand to the right audiences on single or multiple platforms. Check out these channels to see where your brand can pop up! 

  • Native advertising 

Native ads are paid advertisements that match the content of a media source. It’s explicitly designed to not look like an actual ad, making it part of the content. Data said that 20% to 60% of consumers read native ads rather than traditional ads. It’s effective and it won’t distract users. 

There are different types of native ads and we’ve narrowed it down to the best. 

  • In-feed native advertising 

In-feed native ads are paid placements that are in line with content such as articles and posts. You can run your mining hardware ads on different platforms like your own website, on a LinkedIn post, or even another website’s content. 

If you think in-feed native ads are suitable to advertise for your mining hardware, contact us today to make it possible. 

  • Paid search native advertising 

If you want to top search engines, the best way is to do it by paid search native advertising. Users will be able to spot your mining hardware easily. Paid searches are made to look like organic search results too, so there’s little to minimal difference. 

Here’s what we recently did for a client (that we could do for you too!) 

  • Facebook and Instagram advertising

Let’s not forget about our folks who flock to Facebook and Instagram. Finding the right audience is crucial to increasing your mining hardware ads engagement. We can make that happen if you want to target Facebook and Instagram! 

Reach people who matter the most with Facebook and Instagram Marketing. From increasing your like count, directing them to your website, and pursuing buying intent, Global Presence knows it all. We're just one click away to launch your Facebook and Instagram advertisements. 

  • Email marketing 

Market your mining hardware and cryptocurrency products in your customer’s inboxes. We’ll help you launch unique and fully branded email newsletters and disseminate them to the right people. Communicate with past and potential customers through email marketing. Kickstart your email marketing by submitting a ticket to us. 

Run Mining Hardware Advertising with Global Presence today 

We help brands reach their cryptocurrency and mining hardware business goals through advertising. Read what our clients have to say here. 

We’re all ears to talk about the strategies we have in mind to make you the best mining hardware provider! Diversify your best mining hardware products to a variety of advertising channels. If you’re ready, the best way to reach us is to fill up a support ticket

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