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A Ten-Page, 10-Product WooCommerce Website is great for clients who desire to sell products, drop-ship, and their pages to be created for them in an elegant fashion, functional, and affordable. The client can get started with a manageable set-up fee and no long-term lease obligations. They also don't need to worry about the details of managing their own server or updating and maintaining the website against hackers. The client has no access to Cpanel and limited access to certain folders via FTP. The client has admin rights to the website, can update the content front end design, submit blogs/news/events/podcast/images/e-commerce products/donation campaigns, and much more. They cannot export/import files & databases to another server. We provide Clients with tutorial videos and personal support as structured in their plan.  We host the website on a month-to-month basis on this plan, and the client can cancel with a 30-day notice.

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Customization Includes Updating The Template Logo, 5 Images, Content (Up To 3000 Words), Colors, Unpublish or Publish Other Native Features, SSL Certificate, Configure Lead or Contact Form, Metatags, Speed Test, & Full Functionality, Create Clients Login Credentials As Admin.

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Quickly get up and selling with a beautiful online store optimized to deliver and convert shoppers into regular customers.

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I want to rebuild my store

If you want to correct technical mistakes, SEO errors, shop speed or graphically improve the store to increase the number of happy customers.

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They are very professional and very detailed to what you need. Jack is always there to answer any question you have. Thank you jack for helping my business grow.

We have been using Global Presence for over many years now and we are VERY happy with their service. They have taken our organization's website to the next level and are constantly make enhancements as technology evolves.

Terms & Agreements

  1. All Global Presence Agreements
  2. Used minute's rollover for 3 months maximum. For rollover minutes policy see Section 10. of Standard Terms & Conditions.
  3. The above-listed prices are subject to change when the client's website plan is completed. After the contract is completed the client automatically becomes month to month.
  4. The prices listed above are for the customization of our pre-designed templates. The plans allow the pricing of the design to be cost-effective. If the client seeks an original design the cost will be $75 per hour for an average projected timeline of 20-60 hours.
  5. OTHER PLANS - PLATINUM PACKAGE - Extra Features, 20 Hours Labor (Set up $2200\Monthly $1600)
  6. OTHER PLANS - POWER PACKAGE - Extra Features, 40 HoursLabor (Set up $2700\Monthly $3100)
  7. GPM labor rate is $75.00 per hour, $1.25 per minute with a 10 minute minimum per job request.