World-Class Features

Continue to move forward and reach your business goals with world-class quality outsourced reception services. We are equipped with the knowledge and extensive experience in telecommunications and virtual receptionist services. We put innovation at the core of all we do, and we are always working to improve our technology platform and solutions.

The following benefits are available to our diverse network of pleased clients who use our virtual reception and phone answering services.

On Top of the Game Receptionists

Our receptionists rank first! This is possible with our standard of excellence in implementing continuous improvement on training and monitoring. Our bilingual receptionist, English and Spanish languages, understands the importance of respecting customers and establishing a brand reputation. We treat each and every receptionist with love and value, not mere contractors.

Native-like Voice

Our receptionists are based in the United States so important details like language, accent, and tone are highly emphasized. We also have teams outside the country that operate 24/7 to cover for businesses outside standard office hours.

Personalized Greetings and Scripts

Your preferred message, our voice. All calls are answered with your chosen greetings. We ask for your personalized script and we bring it to life with a natural and professional voice. Additionally, you can improve customer service experience with customized on-hold messages.

Guarantee Satisfaction

If you don't experience positive results in the first 30 days of your receptionist service, you'll receive a full refund!

24/7 Operational Support

We work all day and night, every day of the year. Never miss important messages, sales lead, or a business opportunity. We value the importance of first impressions so calls are answered in less than 10 seconds. That is how fast we work!

Monthly Subscriptions

We are proud of our business solutions that we offer month-to-month subscriptions with no cancellation fees or lock-in contracts. You are not bound by long-term contracts!

Flexible Messaging Solutions

Receive messages and calls wherever and whenever you are! Our flexible messaging and call transfer options are announced, giving you the information to accept the call or receive the message via email or text message.

Striving for Excellence

We are here to assist you. Our business telecommunications professionals in customer service are always happy to guide you with any part of your service.

User-friendly Interface

Using our online client portal or our smartphone applications, you can simply manage your call, greeting, transfer, forwarding, and message options in real-time.

Economical Savings

Our services cost the equivalent of what a full-time receptionist would. Take advantage of all the benefits without breaking the bank.

Activation in Minutes

We are ready whenever you are. Within minutes of activating your service, our receptionists will be available to assist you.

Seamless Communication via CRM

We interface with a variety of CRMs and workflows to guarantee that communication between you, your team, and your callers is seamless. To ensure this, our in-house IT department is constantly available.

Flexible Solutions to Meet Your Needs

We provide a variety of outsourced virtual reception and phone answering services that can be easily scaled up or down to match your changing demands as your company grows.

Tailored-fit Services

You have complete control. As your business needs change, you can easily scale up or reduce your service, guaranteeing you always get the best deal.

Seeking for Advancements

We never take a break. We put innovation at the heart of all we do, and we continually improve our technology platform and support systems to set quality standards.

Escalation Process

In the unfortunate event that you receive any threatening or obscene calls, we have procedures in place to handle them.

Let’s get to know each other via phone or webcam. We are excellent listeners!


Personalized phone answering, call transfers, and messaging for many employees are ideal for organizations of all sizes.

Receptionist Pay As You Go

$75per month
  • CRM data integration
  • Pay as you go
  • $2.85 per call
  • Ideal for reception overflow or occasional use

Receptionist 25 Calls

$115per month
  • CRM data integration
  • Includes 25 calls
  • $2.80 for excess calls
  • Great for sole traders and mobile experts

Receptionist 100 Calls

$249per month
  • CRM Data integration
  • Includes 100 calls
  • $2.65 for excess calls
  • Perfect for medium-sized businesses

Receptionist 200 Calls. Do you require extra time from our receptionists?

Please contact us for a customized package based on your call volume.

* Plus relevant sales tax. Refer to Terms & Conditions.

When you need appointments scheduled, CRMs updated, or more information from your callers, this is the tool to use.

Assistant Pay As You Go

$99per month
  • CRM Integration
  • Pay as you go
  • $1.95 per minute*
  • Initial setup starts at $50, depending on the complexity
  • If you're not sure about your call lengths and volumes, this is an excellent place to start

Assistant 50 Minutes

$185per month
  • CRM Integration
  • Comes with 50 minutes per month
  • $1.90 per minute for excess minutes*
  • Initial setup starts at $50, depending on the complexity
  • If you make roughly 20 1-3 minute calls per month, this is ideal

Assistant 200 Minutes

$370per month
  • CRM Integration
  • Comes with 200 minutes per month
  • $1.85 per minute for excess minutes*
  • Initial setup starts at $50, depending on the complexity
  • If you make roughly 70 calls each month that are between one and three minutes long, this is ideal

Assistant 500 Minutes. Do you require extra time from our receptionists?

Please contact us for a customized package based on your call volume.

* Plus relevant sales tax. Refer to Terms & Conditions.

We value your caller experience and business reputation just as much as you do.

Virtual Receptionist and Answering Services

Global Presence Marketing offers a professional phone and virtual assistant answering service in the United States.  When you are not accessible, our professional, pleasant, and USA-based receptionists make it simple to connect you with your consumers by answering your calls.

You can be up and running in minutes, with your own personalized greeting. There are no long-term obligations, and you can choose from a wide range of virtual receptionists and telephone answering services to meet your specific needs.

You may be assured that you will never miss a possible appointment or an important call again, whether you are a small or large company. A virtual receptionist is knowledgeable, courteous, and skilled in customer service, all at a fraction of the expense of a full-time receptionist.

Stand Out From the Crowd

To set yourself apart from the competition, use effective communication. To make your clients feel appreciated, understood, and important, Global Presence Marketing combines the greatest receptionists in the United States with cutting-edge technology. Because of our significant professional answering service experience, we are able to provide high-quality and unique features that make use of cutting-edge technology.

Locally Answered Calls

Speaking with someone who does not comprehend accents, language, or tone can be extremely frustrating for customers. As a result, all Global Presence Marketing receptionists are situated on-shore in America, ensuring the greatest possible call answering service.

Personalized Greetings with Our Voice

We help you maintain your personal touch by answering every call with your desired professional greeting from our live receptionist support staff. We use the script you offer to give your company a unique voice. It is also feasible to have personalized on-hold messages, which elevate the customer experience.

24/7 Answering Service Operations

Never again will you miss a critical call, opportunity, or possible sales lead. Our virtual receptionists work around the clock and provide a 24-hour answering service so that your company may be accessed at any time. To make a memorable first impression, our call answering service answers calls in an average of 10 seconds.

Flexible Solutions

You have ultimate control with month-to-month subscriptions. Forget about contract lock-ins and cancellation costs. Instead, you may use a scalable and adaptable answering service, as well as virtual receptionist services, to give help as your company grows. You may scale up as your company grows or handle peak periods, as well as scale down during slower periods.

How Does A Virtual Answering Service Help Your Company?

Based on your script, an experienced and pleasant receptionist in America will answer the phone and politely greet your caller.

They will screen calls and handle them according to your preferences. A live receptionist will contact you to inform you of who is calling and what they are calling about, and then transfer the call to you to accept. If you are busy, the live receptionist will take a message and send you a text or email notification.

We can provide overflow or peak service, lunch relief, and holiday cover if you currently have a receptionist. We also provide a 24-hour telephone answering service for your company, ensuring that you never miss an essential call again.

Real-Time Contact Management

You can inform our live answering service of your greeting, call, transfer, and message choices in real-time using our simple mobile applications or web client interface. Are you unable to take calls? Simply change your status, and we'll take messages on your behalf, just as a real receptionist would.

Our Service Offerings

From a small business to a major organization, we provide a wide range of services to meet your needs.
  • A polite, real receptionist will take your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using your script to guarantee that all calls reflect your brand and values.
  • Call forwarding, message, and personalized greetings are all available.
  • Month-to-month packages based on call volumes are available, as well as pay-as-you-go options, to provide you with the greatest possible value.
  • You can keep your current phone number or we can give you a new one.
  • Customized on-hold messages to boost your company's professionalism.
  • Scripted inquiries and responses - a live answering service team will thoroughly answer and resolve your questions.
  • Provide customer service, answering the phone, organizing appointments, managing reservations, and changing bookings with the help of a skilled virtual assistant.
  • Corporate options include a professional account manager and a bespoke service that is totally customized to meet your changing demands for a company phone answering service.

What is an Answering Service?

A phone answering service manages inbound calls, outbound call transfers, and message taking. The phone answering service is based in the United States and provides localized customer support to consumers around the country. We can also assist with foreign answering service needs.

A 24-hour answering service ensures you do not miss any crucial calls by being available around the clock. The service can forward essential calls to dedicated personnel and free up employee time by filtering out non-urgent or unnecessary calls.

A telephone answering service may now give great customer service as technology progresses. You may instantly adjust your availability and instructions for the virtual receptionist by utilizing the smartphone app or the client’s online site.

It is conceivable to hire a complete team of employees to provide an answering service for less than you would have to pay a full-time receptionist, resulting in not only increased efficiency and customer service, but also cost savings.

What Does a Virtual Receptionist Do?

A virtual receptionist can help your company without breaking the bank. With one exception, they are identical to a real receptionist. Instead of working at the front desk of your real business, they work from home or at a virtual receptionist services office located anywhere in the United States. They manage all of your phone calls remotely from a location other than where you are.

You would not have to pay a regular salary or any benefits to an employee if you outsource. You will save money on things like a computer, headset, phone, desk, chair, stationary, and more that you would have to purchase for a live receptionist.

Set up virtual receptionist services to begin answering phone calls for your company right away.