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Add Schema Structured Markup for Better SEO

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Your website will be more meaningful, accessible by search engines and it will be ranked more relevantly to its search queries.


Rich Snippets

Search engines may show rich snippets in search results. These snippets intended to help searchers with specific queries.


More Traffic

Rich snippets help web searchers recognize when your site is relevant to their search and may result in more clicks to your pages.

What is Structured Data?

Structured data refers to kinds of data with a high level of organization, such as information in a relational database. When information is highly structured and predictable, search engines can more easily organize and display it in creative ways. Structured data markup is a text-based organization of data that is included in a file and served from the web. It typically uses the schema.org vocabulary—an open community effort to promote standard structured data in a variety of online applications. Structured data markup is most easily represented in JSON-LD format, which stands for JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data.

Some Extensions Are FREE On Certain GPN Membership Plans

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