Competitive Pricing for Government Sales and Marketing Services

TIER 1 Governement Business Development Plan


  • Review Current Capability Statement/Brochure (includes verbal recommended changes if necessary, as well as comments in document).
  • 1 hour meeting w/Company to assess possible contract opportunities, identify agencies, and review past performance (if any) or establish Agency focus areas.
  • Contact/Email three Agencies, Procurement Officers, Local Small Business Advisors, or Agency/Sub-Agency representatives and send out Company’s Capability Statement requesting a meeting.
TIER 2 Governement Business Development Plan

Tier 2

  • Create Capability Statement with Company provided information. Or- provide Capability Statement Options in Tier 1 and or Tier 2.
  • Identify Top Spending Agencies and Sub- Agencies within Company’s NAICs code(s) and Industry.
  • Identify Company’s Top Competitors that have a strong Government Contracting Background.
  • Identify up to 10 Government Opportunities (including Forecasted Opportunities).
  • Contact Opportunity Procurement Offices/Officers, send Capability Statement, and request an introductory meeting.
  • Identify upcoming Industry Events, Webinars, and Conferences to attend and begin or continue to network.
  • All data, sources, and information will be provided raw in Word and or Excel Format.
  • 2x1-Hour Consulting Phone calls.

  • Average turnaround: 2 weeks
TIER 3 Governement Business Development Plan

Tier 3Includes all of Tier 2 plus

  • Create Government Opportunity Business Plan that includes all areas in in Tier 3.
  • Review past Government Performance/Contracts.
  • Company Analysis (recommended courses of action, recommended Agency/Sub-Agencies to focus on when searching for upcoming Government Opportunities.
  • Provide Agency/Sub-Agency and local Small Business contact information.
  • Provide contact Information for each selected Opportunity included in the Business Plan.

  • Average turnaround: 3 weeks
TIER 4 Governement Business Development Plan


  • Prepare Website & Branding For Government Sales Credibility
  • Edit Capability Statement (Review and edit Capability Statement’s content and graphics).
  • Identify up to 30 Industry and Company specific Government Opportunities.
  • Send out Capability statement to Agency/Sub-Agency or Procurement Office/Officer associated with Opportunities (if selected by Company to pursue).
  • Review Bid Proposal or Response Document.
  • Write Bid Proposal & Submit it Before the Deadline.
  • 1-Hour Review and Consulting Meeting Weekly

  • $9800/month
 Contract Editing Services:   $175/hr
 Contract Creating Services:   $200/hr
 General Consulting:   $150/hr


Why Work With Our Government Sales Team

By working with Global Presence Marketing's Government Sales Team, you can be confident that you will receive the high-quality service, expertise, and results your organization deserves.

Experienced and knowledgeable

Our team members have extensive experience and expertise in selling to government customers, including a deep understanding of the procurement process and the unique needs of government organizations.

Proven track record

Our team has a proven track record of delivering results for government customers, with a strong history of successful contracts and satisfied clients.

Dedication to customer satisfaction

Our team is committed to delivering outstanding customer service, working closely with clients to understand their needs, and delivering solutions that meet their requirements.

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