Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB)

To even playing field among small businesses, the government only lets businesses that take part in the Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) Federal Contract program compete for certain contracts in certain (NAICS code-identified) industries where WOSBs are underrepresented.

When a business gets certified as a WOSB, it can compete for federal set-aside contracts that are only given to certified program members. WOSB-certified firms can still compete for contracts under other socio-economic programs, such as 8(a) and HUBZone, as long as they are eligible.

Getting certified as a WOSB is a must if you want to give your business a fair chance. With a WOSB Certification, businesses owned and run by women will have more chances to get contracts from the government. Out of the $550 billion the government gives out every year, about 25 billion are given only to WOSB-certified firms.

After you get a WOSB Certification, your business will start to get a range of benefits, and you'll be ready to start competing for Government Contracts. Here are the benefits of getting a WOSB certification:

  • Reduced competition by getting the right to make the only bid on WOSB set-aside solicitations
  • Gaining more traction in the federal/local government marketplace
  • Marketing advantages with government exposure
  • Increased government contract opportunity
  • Marketing and networking events presented to you

To qualify for the WOSB program, your business needs to meet the following:

  • Be a small business according to the standards set by the SBA
  • At least 51% of the business must be owned and run by women who are U.S. citizens 
  • Day-to-day operations and decision-making are run by women
  • Active registration in the System for Award Management  (SAM)

The view the eligible NAICs for WOSB certification, please visit: https://www.sba.gov/

​​When it's possible, the SBA will make a decision within 90 days of receiving your complete application. Typically, an SBA representative may contact businesses to ask for more information or proof if the application is incomplete or doesn't meet the program requirements.

But no worries! With the assistance of our team, we will ensure that your application is complete and complies with the requirements.

WOSB program

Get the WOSB Certification with the Help of Our Government Sales Team

As a business owner, you only have so much time and money. If you make a mistake with your registration or certification, you may not be able to enter the federal marketplace for a while. Thankfully, our experts on government certifications can assist you with this. Contact us today.

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