What To Do If Your Website Is Hacked? Don't Worry We Got You!

What To Do If Your Website Is Hacked? Don't Worry We Got You!

It's not uncommon for a website to get hacked. Websites are frequently hacked, and there are a number of actions that must be taken to resolve such concerns. In 2018, 67 percent of small and midsize enterprises said they had been the victim of a cyber-attack and data leak. Here's what you can do if your website has been hacked. 

If your website has been hacked, we recommend that you seek professional help to remove malware, backdoors, and viruses from your server and install website protection as soon as possible. 

What is hacking? 

Compromise of computer systems, personal accounts, computer networks, or digital devices is referred to as hacking. Another definition of hacking is the successful application of technology or associated knowledge to overcome an issue.

What to do if your website is hacked? 

  • Notify the public immediately. 

You must inform the entire world if a hacker has gained access to your site. Other venues should help to raise awareness of the occurrence. It will assist users in comprehending the conditions and scenarios they are confronted with. In the interim, it will assist users in avoiding any issues.

  • Contact your website administrator. 

The webmaster must eventually contact the host in order to have the site restored. The server is where you can reclaim control of the site you used to own.

  • Change passwords and create a backup. 

Change the passwords as soon as you discover that the website has been compromised. Changing passwords might sometimes help you recover control. Never use simple passwords. It's a strategy to set the passwords. As a result, webmasters must continuously reset or rotate passwords.

The webmaster must preserve a copy of his website's backup. Because of their popularity or other rising difficulties, sites have the potential to be hacked. So you must have a backup in case something goes wrong and you need to re-upload your data.

Websites must be kept secure at all times. Some businesses provide services to build up a safe and secure solution for sites.

Be safe with Global Presence’s Website Security Services 

We can help your company overcome security difficulties and ensure that your website security solution is properly set up. Gives you access to customer service representatives with years of CMS security experience.

We offer the following Website Security Services: 

  • Malware Scan 

Malicious code, infected files, and other suspicious activity can all be found. Then, from your articles, pages, comments, and source code, we eliminate any malicious code and malware links. Fake user accounts and questionable remarks are investigated and removed.

  • Security Hardening 

We raise the security level of your hacked WordPress or Joomla site after we fix it. To resolve your website troubles, we employ powerful firewall and manual website security tightening techniques. We can assist you in getting your site off of Google's blacklist.

  • Website Backup 

We can assist you with restoring your website and implementing a reliable backup system. We also provide instructions on how to create backups and how to use them in the event of a disaster.

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